Yerevan, 27.10.2021


Appeal of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia in connection with the World Day for Decent Worк (7 October 2015)

  The International Labour Organization in 1999  developed and introduced   the conception   of "decent work", which  includes  four components: employment, social and labor rights, protection from injustice and social dialogue. Decent work - it is an opportunity to obtain decent and meaningful work in conditions of freedom, equality and human dignity, it is work in a safe environment,  to ensure full social security and the ability to provide a decent live  for a worker and  his family.

  International Trade Union Confederation  announced October 7th as the World Day for Decent Work and notes that  no country can achieve sustainable development and economic growth without decent work. Workers' rights should form the cornerstone while developing the economic, financial and social policies of the country. Development of social partnership, social dialogue, raising awareness of workers about their labour and social rights best contribute to the formation and support of decent work in the country.

  World Day for Decent Work for the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia  is an opportunity to announce about  the need to ensure workers a decent wage,  establish permanent and secure jobs, protect their rights and interests. All these questions have always been priorities for the CTUA, as each worker must be provided with decent work and receive fair wages, which will enable him and his family to live in dignity.

  Taking into consideration the  high level of unemployment in the country and, as a consequence, the continuing outflow of the population, the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia called all trade unions to jointly contribute to the solution of socio-economic issues and believes that with joint efforts it is  possible to strengthen the trade union movement.

  Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia is confident that the Day for Decent Work will demonstrate its commitment to the ideals of the struggle for the rights and interests of workers against all forms of discrimination and social injustice.


Chairman of the Confederation

of Trade Unions of Armenia                                          Eduard Tumasyan