Yerevan, 21.09.2021



  On April 24, 2015  Armenia  commemorates  the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Turkey in 1915. In this regard Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia has received a letter of solidarity from the General  Trade Union of Workers of construction and wood  of Egypt.

  The General Trade Union of Workers of construction and wood in Egypt which reflect the pulse of its members in various locations throughout the land of Egypt.

  Declares its full solidarity and support and expression of grief and sorrow at the centenary of the Turkish genocide against the Armenian people, which occurred in 1915, which comes the memory of it at 24th April 2015

  The General trade Union calls on all trade union organizations at the world to solidarity with the Armenian people.

GTUBWW President


Abdel Moneim ElGamal