Yerevan, 19.09.2021



on the occasion of the Day of Health Worker

  The Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia congratulates the Republican Union of Professional Organizations of Health Workers of Armenia, branch trade union members  and  all health  workers on their  professional holiday - Day of the Health  Worker and wishes successes and new achievements in solving social and economic problems and creating more favorable living conditions for medical workers.
  The profession of the doctor at all times has been and remains honorable and respected, since  the greatest values bestowed on a person - life and health - are in their hands.
  The CTUA expresses confidence that, while remaining loyal to their oath, you will continue your noble mission, showing high professionalism, mercy and compassion.
  Dear health workers! Congratulating you once again on your professional holiday, I wish you good health, prosperity and happiness.


Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia                              Eduard Tumasyan