Yerevan, 21.09.2021



  On July 4, the deputy chairman of CTUA Khachik Arakelyan, welcomed the chairman of the council of the Solidarity trade union of the Podlaskie Voivodeship of Poland, member of the National Commission, deputy chairman of the European Centre for Workers’ Questions (EZA – Europäisches Zentrum für Arbeitnehmerfragen) Jósef Mozolewski and the coordinator of the program “STRONG Civil Society Organisations for Stronger Armenia” Iren Danielyan.

  During the meeting, Mr. Josef Mozolewsky introduced the history of the Polish Solidarity trade union and the tasks of its current activity.

  The meeting was also attended by the deputy chairman of the CTUA Boris Kharatyan, the head of the Educational and Research Center - executive secretary of CTUA Garnik Vagharshakyan, and the head of the PR department Satik Karakhanyan.

  The deputy chairman of the CTUA Boris Kharatyan briefed the guests on the structure and activities of the CTUA.

  In conclusion of the meeting, the deputy chairman of the CTUA Khachik Arakelyan expressed his gratitude to the colleague for the visit and exchange of experience.