Yerevan, 26.09.2021


Meeting in the CTUA

Meeting in the CTUA

  On June 20, 2017 the President of the Confederation of trade unions of Armenia Eduard Tumasyan met with the representatives of the EU’s “Generalized  System of Preferences” GSP+  in Armenia.

  The delegation arrived in Armenia in the framework of the monitoring of the trade regime process and wished to meet with the leadership of the Confederation of trade unions of Armenia.

  During the meeting the process of realization of the basic conventions of the International Labor Organization,  concerning labor rights and ratified by the Republic of Armenia, was discussed, which appears as a one of the main conditions for the use of the regime  GSP+.

  The Deputy President of the CTUA Boris Kharatyan described the position of the CTUA  on the issues of the RA Labor Code, the newly created Health Inspection in the structure  of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia, forced labor, strikes, minimum wage indexation, salary indexation, and the activities of the Republican trilateral commission.