Yerevan, 21.09.2021


Appeal on the 25th Anniversary of the General Confederation of Trade Unions


  The president  of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia   E.Tumasyan  has  sent congratulations  to  the President of  the General  Confederation of Trade Unions  M. Shmakov  and  to the  General Secretary  of the General  Confederation of Trade Unions  V.Scherbakov.

The congratulatory appeal  reads,  in particular,  that  the  General  Confederation of Trade Unions was established   at  very hard,  both political and economic , time,  but  managed to  preserve the unity of trade unions  in the new conditions.

The Confederation of  Trade Unions  of  Armenia  cordially  congratulates the  General Confederation of Trade Unions  and  its  affiliated  organizations,  claiming  that only from  the  common position  and making  joint  efforts  it is possible  to  achieve considerable success,  express and  defend workers'  interests and rights, contribute  to the construction of democratic  and  developed  societies  in  the countries.

To read   the  full text of  the  appeal   see the Russian  version.