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Trade Union Conference at the CJSC "Armenian Nuclear Power Plant"

Trade Union Conference at the CJSC

18 November 2016 at CJSC "Armenian Nuclear Power Plant" a regular meeting was held  to hear reports and elect new officials which was attended by 118 delegates elected from the 1230 union members.
The chairman of the trade union organization CJSC "Armenian Nuclear Power Plant" Yu.Dolinyan  made a presentation on the outcome of the last 5 years.
In December 2015  in order to improve workers social  conditions  trade unions  suggested that  a number of social issues  should be  included in the collective  agreement. Thus  the size of the  financial assistance in connection with the birth of a child has increased by 3-4 times, the amount of financial assistance in the event of death of an employee doubled,  in the same size  the monetary compensation   in connection with an accident at work was  increased; the payments  in connection with the anniversary dates were also increased; people who retire shall be paid an amount of two monthly salaries. Much attention is paid to the organization of treatment and rest of workers. In 2016 530 employees of the nuclear power plant had an opportunity to improve their health in sanatoriums.
During the discussions it was proposed to restore the provision of Article 30 of the RA Law "On provision of state pensions to citizens of Armenia"  adopted in 1995  according to which persons who work in particularly harmful conditions were provided favorable conditions while the retirement, when  one year of work  was counted  as one and a half year. This article was not included in the adopted in 2003  RA Law "On State Pensions".
  The general director of CJSC "Armenian nuclear power plant"  M. Vardanyan  took part at the conference and had a speech.
The conference was attended by Chairman of the Republican Branch  Association "Electrotradeunion" of trade union organizations of RA Karine Aloyan.
As a result of   voting Yu.Dolinyan was  reelected  the chairman of the trade union organization.