Yerevan, 21.09.2021



of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia

in connection with the World Day for  Safety  and Health at Work


  International Labour Organization (ILO), regarding the provision of occupational safety and health of workers as one of the main priorities  of its activity, announced April 28 as the World Day for  Safety   and Health at Work which has been celebrated since 2003 in more than  hundred countries around the world. The motto of the day is - the spread of  healthy and safe work culture.

  According to the Labor Code of the Republic of Armenia  the employer must provide safety and health at work.  However, some employers are not willing to invest sufficient resources in the creation of safe working conditions. As a result, the number of accidents in the workplace continues to grow.    In 2015  25 accidents at work were reported, 5 of which – with death.  Of the registered disabled people  2101 became disabled as a result of an accident at work, and 278 people - as a result of occupational disease.

  The issue of compensation payment  for 800 employees who suffered at  plants  eliminated  after August 2004  has not been solved yet.   The system of compulsory social insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases has not  been introduced yet either.

  State supervision and control over the implementation of the Labour Code and other normative and legal acts containing norms of labor law, the implementation of the terms of collective agreements must be carried out by the public authority in the person of the State Inspectorate, which by the decision of the RA Government from 2013 and  by merging with the service of the RA Ministry of Health unit of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance  was reorganized as a separate entity and became known as the State Inspectorate of Health.  In fact  by this decision  the activities of the State Labour Inspectorate as an separate structure was suspended.

  Today our country has a large number of problems related to occupational safety and health issues, and they require immediate solutions.

  Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia  believes  that the state policy in the field of safety and health protection of workers must be designed to ensure healthy and safe working conditions, the preservation of life and  abilities of workers. Ensuring the legislation in every spheres  of production should be the norm for every employer, and the lack of state occupational safety and health strategy allows some employers to avoid responsibility for occupational health and workers' health.


Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia

Chairman Eduard Tumasyan